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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to change the way people eat by making it fun and easy to eat well. To achieve this mission, we focus on our favourite comfort food classics and reinvent them to be wholesome yet indulgent and 100% plant-based. We are here to make it fun for everyone to eat their vegetables. We are here to break down misconceptions of what plant-based food is and can be. At our core, we believe that each of us can make a difference through our everyday choices, and we are here to make those choices just a little more delicious.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At the heart of our mission is also a strong commitment to sustainability. We want to do things differently, to challenge the status quo and common misperceptions. We want to do better because we care about our home, our earth. For us, that means

  1. source locally as much as possible;

  2. reduce food and landfill waste;

  3. choose sustainable packaging options; and

  4. focus on natural ingredients & materials.

While we acknowledge that it will never be 100% (nothing is perfect, after all), we believe we can collectively make progress through education and effort. We are always striving to improve ourselves and do better.

Our Story

The story of Parka didn’t start with a lifelong passion for opening the best vegan restaurant or creating the best vegan burger in Toronto. It wasn’t driven by the need to fill a gap in the marketplace or a desire to make loads of money either. Rather, Parka was born out of a dream to make a positive impact (with health and sustainability in mind) by providing better everyday choices, and more importantly by making it easier to make those better choices. And the everyday choice we decided to focus on, which we believed could make the biggest impact and bring the biggest smile to people’s faces, was food.

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